Friday, February 11, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Mini Topiaries

I know Valentine's isn't even here yet, but I have a few St. Patricks day crafts that I have done ahead of time (I've even done some Easter/spring crafts but I will wait a little longer to post those. The Easter one I posted already was by acident). Anywho on with the craft, this picture doesn't do it justice the flowers have green and gold glitter on them and the greens in the pots are three leaf clovers. As usual I got everything at the dollar store or had it on hand.
Materials to make 2:
3 bushels of flowers ($1.00 each)
1 bushel of clovers ($1.00)
2 Mini pot ($1.00 for 3 or on hand)
2 Dowels (on hand)
Small foam block cut in half (on hand or a pack of 4 for $1.00)or something to hold the dowel in place.
2 Styrofoam ball about 1in (a bag of, I think 6 for $1.00)
Gold paint (on hand)
Hot glue
Play coins - I borrowed a few of my daughters play coins and sprayed them gold.

If you have made a topiary before everything else is pretty easy,
1. Glue flowers onto styrofoam ball until full
2. Paint dowel and pot gold
3. Insert dowel into bottom of styrofoam ball
4. Insert foam block into pot and insert the other end of dowel into pot
5. This was my tricky part I fought with the hot glue and the clovers to stay in the pot, I left them on there little stem groups and glued a bunch together then glued them onto the inside edge of the pot (my glue gun is very hot and kept melting the foam.)
6. Add a dab of hot glue to the coins and set on top of clovers

My original plan was to make 3 but I decided on a different look for my front entry table I will post a picture of that later.

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