Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easter Wall Decor

I have a skinny wall space between our bathroom and a closet and i had some Dollar tree egg picks left so here is what I made.
I just removed the pick, carefully cut each egg in half, glued them onto some easter ribbon I had on hand, and moved the bows that where on the bottom of each egg to the top and glued them.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Easter Entry Table

Here is my Easter/Spring Entry table
Easter Wordle Tutorial Here
Easter Topiary Tutorial Here
Easter Apothecary Jar Here
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Egg Bowl

 I found this bowl at Goodwill for .99, it was and ugly brown, so I sprayed it silver (as you can see that is a color spray paint I have on hand a lot, cause I love it) then I added some pink ribbon that I had on hand. The butterfly stickers where from the Dollar Tree (a mix bag of spring foam shapes)
The eggs inside where originally the brown cardboard kind from Jo Ann's .69 each I mod podged some tissue paper on them. Then the Pink one I added some of my foam flowers (same pack as the above butterflies), and the yellow I just tied a bow around. I am debating if I want to recover the poke a dot one cause it doesn't really match the rest, What do you guys think? I have some more foam stickers with tulip or butterfly shapes I could put on the other one if I did a solid color.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Easter Egg Tree

My original intention for a Easter tree was to spray some sticks yellow or purple and use a vase. But... I found this cute tree/hanger at Goodwill for 1.99 it was gold and sparkly but I would use it more being silver so I just through a coat of spray paint on it and voila. The eggs are from the Dollar Tree I had gotten 2 packs and my daughter decided we needed to use all of them (I know it looks a little clustered but that's why there are 2 on each) Now I can use it for more then just Easter, I'm sure you will see it again :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easter Apothecary Jars

Here are my two apothecary jars filled with Dollar Tree eggs (picks removed- medium size in the top picture and large in the bottom picture) and some Easter grass I had on hand. The second jar picture is the one I just found at Savers for .99, it's plastic but then I don't have to worry about the kids knocking it off my table. The cute little chicks I got at Gordmans a few years ago for .99 each.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Easter Banner

Another banner
I used my cricut as usual, some solid color scrap paper, some easter felt stickers from the Dollar Tree for emelishments, And some cute little closepins with butterflies on them (Micheal's dollar spot set of 6) Easy as pie!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quiet/Travel Activity Book

I love all the quiet books I see out there but I am not a sewer nor do I have a lot of that on hand. But I do have a laminator, computer, magnets, cricut, markers, Dollar Tree cookie sheet and dry erase markers. I need something to keep my daughter ( J ) busy on our 5 hour car ride coming up, DVD player and leapster won't last that long :( .... So I went to town with my computer, laminator and cricut.

Pages 1-6  - J loves the hidden picture books and I love that Highlights lets you print them off for free HERE. I just printed about 6 off, cut out the picture and list of items to find, and taped them onto a blank sheet of paper back to back, and ran them through my laminator. Add some dry erase markers and J can do them over and over again.

Page 7-10  - These sheets Came from J's teacher and I just needed to laminate them. Now she can learn/practice drawing a castle, house, dog, and car. Again with some dry erase markers J can do them over and over.

Page 11  - I also got this idea from a worksheet J's teacher gave her for numbers so I went into picnik and made my own you can get a copy Here and Here. I printed the set of fish with the numbers on a magnetic sheet (HP magnetic paper) then printed the second set with the dots on regular paper. I then traced (to darken outline), cut out, and laminated the dotted fish and then cut them out again and added a small magnet to the back of each fish. Now she can count the dots and match it to the number (they are not color coated as you can see, my daughter wouldn't learn her numbers if they were)
Page 12-13  - J has a game on her leapster that you take shapes and make different pictures with, so that's where this comes in. Another Picnik template I made, you can get a copy of Cat and Dog Here and Here or/and Boat and Train Here and Here this time I printed the black outlined shapes onto magnetic sheet paper, I then cut out and laminated the colored shapes, cut them out again and added a small magnet to the back of each one. Now she can use the shapes to make the figures shown.

Page 14 - I have the everyday paper dolls and paper doll dress-up cartridges for my cricut. I bought a large roll of magnetic sheet from Micheal's ($9.99 before my 40% coupon of course). My mom has the larger cricut and the heavy blade for it so I used her cutter to make these. Everything pictured I got out of the one large roll of magnet (there is another croc shoe but I'm not sure were it is at this moment). After I cut it out of the magnet I went back and cut a duplicate out of whatever color paper I wanted the clothes to be. You can either use spray adhesive or really good scrap glue/tape but be sure to get all the edges. (EXAMPLE/TIP: if you adhere the clothing paper to the white side of the magnet be sure to adhere the doll body paper to the black side of the magnet. Otherwise they won't stick together when your child dresses them unless you always have it on a magnetic cookie sheet.)

I am still thinking of more ideas for the book if you have any please let me know I would love to hear them.
Finishing touches:
 I three hole punched all the laminated sheets, slid the magnetic sheets into a clear sleeve, added some dry erase markers into a binder pencil holder I had on hand and put everything into a binder I also had on hand. I just keep the cookie sheet with it for the paper dolls and I also have her pull out the magnetic sheets (shape and fish) and put those on the cookie sheet for extra magneticness (I know that's not a word but its late and I need to finish so I can go to bed ;) thank you all for reading I hope I inspired you to make a fun travel book. Please link up if you do I would love to see your ideas.

The files that I have links to are for personal use only please!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Picnik Tutorial

I can't take any credit for this but I do want to pass it along cause it was soooo very helpful to get me started with (It's free - my favorite words)
I had heard of Picnik but never attempted to try it until I saw this tutorial Here. After reading this and checking Picnik out I am addicted I have been working on some things for my daughters birthday. I will post the whole party plan and add some printables when I get it all made.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easter Topiary

I actually made this the same time I made my Valentine one but have been waiting to post it till it was closer to Easter. Close enough! I got these flowers at the Dollar Tree and they came with the eggs attached, I haven't seen them since but they do have the Easter egg picks which would work just the same. 
All topiarys I have made are assembled the same so I'm going to make this real vague.

Styrofoam Ball
foam block (DT)
Pot (DT)
5 Bushels of flowers (DT)
Easter grass
glue gun
Egg picks (DT if the flowers don't have them)

Hot glue flowers into syrofoam ball, insert egg picks into any open spots. Insert dowel into bottom of syrofoam ball. Insert foam block into pot and insert other end of dowel into foam in pot, cover block with Easter grass. I added two egg picks because my pot was so large it needed something more. (I didn't paint the stick in this picture but now it is white.)
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Blocks

My Spring blocks!! I love them, I cut 3- 2x4's 8in,6in,4in and painted them. I used my cricut to cut out the watering can (stretch your imagination cartridge), word spring (stretch your imagination cartridge),  and grass with flowers (platinum schoolbook cartridge), I didn't like the flowers so I just cut them off and used some creative memories stickers I had on hand. Lastly I stacked them and tide a spring ribbon around them.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday Countdown Blocks

I have seen these all over blog land so I'm not sure who to really give credit to. :(
I cut out 2- 4x4 blocks and 1-8.5x2x4 block, Sanded and painted colors to match my birthday paper I had on hand in my scrapbook stuff. I then cut out squares of the paper just a little smaller then each side of the 4x4 blocks, and mod podged them on. I used my cricut and cut out numbers for each block-
First Block -0,1,2,6 or 9,7,8
Second Block -0,1,2,3,4,5
glued them on and mod podged over to protect them (They will be handled a lot). I added some chalk board paint to the front of the 2x4 so we can write the name of the person who is having the birthday.
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Easter Wordle

I love Wordle, so easy to do. I have a tutorial and a link Here. I had some cute jelly bean scrap paper that I cut out to frame it with and I have 2 of these pretty frames in my daughters toy room so I borrowed one just to use for Easter, or until I find one that is similar and cheap.
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Wine a Little

I have a wine theme in my kitchen and wanted a small sign for the side of our cupboard.
I had some left over scrap wood that I cut down and painted A deep red then I used my cricut to cut out a saying "Wine a little you'll feel better". I used my sticker maker to adhere them to the wood, and added some wine glass and a bottle sticker, drilled 2 holes for some wire and your ready to hang.

(I didn't coat it with mod podge but you could, I am going to see how it holds up since its just hanging on the wall.)

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