Thursday, May 5, 2011

#9 Rock Princess Tutu

Rock Princess Tutu
I found some sparkly tulle at Hobby Lobby in purple, pink and black perfect for a tutu!
I got 2 10yrd rolls of each color (I didn't use all of it but did need most of it about 40yrds), and some ribbon that matched.
There are tons of how to videos on u tube but here is my written version.
How to:
1. Measure the child's waist, add about 24in and cut your ribbon.
2. Tie a knot about 10inches in from each end
(from knot to knot should be your child's waist measurement, the extra is for your bow).
3. measure out your tulle to 24in pieces and cut
4. Tie tulle around your ribbon in a knot being sure to try and keep it even, in whatever pattern you want. keep tying until the area between the knots is full. You can trim to even out the tulle or you can leave it.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fuzzy Sock Ice Cream Cones

Simple last minute Mother's Day Gift

 I found a cute cupcake idea at Greenbean's Craftrole she has a tutorial HERE I thought they where so cute, but I has a problem with the socks I had purchased, they were aloe infused and way to slippery so I thought of a little different idea.... Ice cream cones, I added a red capped chap stick in the center for the cherry, wrapped the socks at an angle and rubber banded the bottom.Then cut some brown checkered paper to a cone shape and taped. A simple and a cute little gift.
Another idea is to add a gift card for a pedicure or to a spa with the tag.

#8 Birthday Banner

Birthday Banner

I made the banner to go along with our party theme colors but added some general stickers so I can reuse it. I used my cricut with the cuttin up cartridge for all the letters, I used some sparkle paper I had and added some stickers. I had some small clothes pins and some bubble present stickers so I attached the stickers to the clothes pins and used them to attach the letters to the ribbon.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

#7 Birthday Binder

Birthday Binder
I found a cool idea on for a birthday binder. She has printables for boys or girls. There is a cute front cover print out and she has a form with a bunch of questions to have your child fill in every year and a place for a picture. Click Here for printables, I plan on adding a sheet protector and putting her b-day cards in it.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

#6 Birthday Book Countdown

Birthday Book Countdown

We did a Christmas book countdown for Christmas and never would have thought of doing a Birthday book countdown, but I got that great idea from Here. She wrapped random books that her daughter liked. I wanted to go a step further so I found 7 birthday theme books. (My daughter's Birthday is on the 7th so a week countdown works perfect, plus books about Birthdays are hard to find). 
 I am going to wrap all the books and let my daughter unwrap one each night for us to read before bed the week of her birthday. She did have 3 of the books I'm using but the other 4 are going to be gifts this year cause they are new.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

#5 Rock Princess Invites

Rock Princess Invites
I used my handy dandy cricut and got busy. I used the Platinum Schoolbook cartridge for the star, the Everyday Paper Dolls for the guitar, and the Cuttin Up cartridge for the "Lets Rock" I got lazy and just used the "Let's" from "Lets Party" by watching the cutter and hitting stop before it started the P in party (That way "lets" was all one word instead of individual letters, easier gluing "Rock" was individual letters though.) I found some cute little puffy tiara stickers at Hobby Lobby and added them to the guitars for a little extra touch.

The inside I used Picnik and typed up my own cute saying. Printed, cut and glued.