Wednesday, June 22, 2011

USA Banner

I found these cool pinwheels Here she has a free printable! I used my cricut to cut USA out them glued them to some 4th of July printed paper, then taped them to some USA ribbon that I had on hand. I love how it looks over the fire place.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Play Make-up

This was not my original idea I say it in blog land but can't remember where for the life of me (if you know please let me know so I can give credit where it is due)
My daughter loves to play with make-up so I made her, her own. All you need is some Dollar Tree blush, eyeshadow, compact and some dimensional magic. (By mod podge or diamond glaze) Just put a thin layer of the glaze on top of the powder.
Pop any bubbles with a pin.
 (check on it frequently as new bubbles will appear and you want to pop them before it sets which happened to me).
Let dry over night and there you have it pretend make-up without the mess.
This would make a cute little girls gift.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Candy Jar

Here is the candy jar my daughter and I made for grandpa for fathers day.
(Sorry about the picture, it was easier to see and looked a little better without the candy). I wanted to use stuff from the garage so all I could find to use at the time was some orange snow fencing (if you saw my husbands garage you would be afraid to look too!) I cut one row off of the fencing and cut the length so that 1 square from each end over lapped perfectly and used some black electrical tape to hold it together. I then found some thicker green floral wire that I had got awhile back from the dollar store and wrapped it 4 times around the neck of the dish. I made a small swirl, wrapped the ends together and added grandpa's favorite peanut M&M's. We wrapped it in some cellophane and tied a little printed note:
perfect for grandpa's desk.

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Candy Fishing Bait Gift Box

These are the gifts my daughter and I made for Fathers day.
Dad's gift was of course the fishing box
I started off by spray painting the lids hunter green, then I printed the labels that I found on k mckay designs. (I love her ideas/printables!) on some green design scrapbook paper, We then mod podged the labels on the front and top of the jars and lids.
We filled the baby food jars with some Swedish fish, gummy worms and some other of dad's favorite candies. I found a set of 3 wood boxes at walmart for 6.00, I used the one that fit the jars best and painted it brown. Then mod podged the label on the front. (I did tie a small fishing weight to 2 of the jars with some twine to add a little more decoration, I also added some brown shredded filler to the bottom of the box).
Here is a close up of the jars  

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I found a dowel in my grandpas wood stash and decided to make some firecracker's
I cut 3 different lengths and painted them. For the white one I taped off 3 stripes and painted 2 blue and one red, and the other 2 I just punched out some stars on white paper and used my sticker maker to adhere them. The sparkly pics I found at either the Dollar Tree or the dollar spot in Target (sorry can't remember), I just drilled a small hole in the top center and stuck them in, and then topped it of with a cute bow (I got the ribbon on clearance at walmart, I also put a dab of hot glue between the dowels to hold them together.)

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

4th of July Candle Holder

 I found some 4th of July/Memorial Day stickers at Hobby Lobby while I was looking four some scrapbook stuff and I really liked them. Knowing I had an extra square candle holder at home. I knew right away what I wanted to do.
This was so easy it is just a square candle dish from the Dollar Tree and the clear stickers I found.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I took a short break from my crafts after all the birthday and mothers day stuff. But I'm back now and have a few new easy 4th of july crafts I have been throwing together.

My original plan was to make USA candles. I had gotten 3 alter candles from the Dollar Tree awhile back but put it off due to the fact that it wasn't even spring yet. I found some 3D stickers and some flag paper at Hobby Lobby and changed my mind. I cut the 12x12 flag paper into 3 even pieces and taped them around the candles then stuck the stickers on. I think it could still use something but I'm not sure what, any ideas? Please let me know, I would love to hear them!
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Fathers Day Ideas

Here are some of my favorites for homemade Fathers Day gifts.

Here is a cool printable from lesscakemorefrosting for a baseball lover

amandaparkerandfamily has these cute printables you can use for a few different ideas

itsybitsypaperblog has an inexpensive gift from a kid (dollar store hand fan) and a free printable

Here is a cute coupon book printable from shrimpsaladcircus

And last but not least (my favorite) kmckaydesigns has these printables for:

The Golfer

 The Fisherman

The Retro / all around Dad

My daughter and I are making the fishing one for my husband I will post pictures after Father's day!

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