Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentine's "Wordle" Printable & Frame

This was another easy Dollar store or free craft.
I just used a frame I had on hand, took it apart and coated the frame with mod podged then sprinkled red glitter all over till it was covered. Easy as pie but it is messy!
The picture is called a Wordle from HERE. Check it out you just type words (if there are two words you want together you don't put a space between them you use one on these ~ , And if you want a word bigger then the rest you type it more then once. You can also change font, color, and layout.) Here is the words I used, just copy and paste into the text box and you can change the color, font and layout to your liking.
Love~Birds Love~Bug Valentine's Valentine's Feb~14th Feb~14th Snuggle Romance Diamonds Sweetheart Heart Sugar~Pie Kiss Hug Roses XOXO Honey Glitter I~Love~You Red Pink Forever Cuddle Be~Mine Soul~Mate Chocolate Puppy~Love Jewelry Candy Cupid Always Cards Kiss~Me S.W.A.K. Cutie~Pie Sweetie Love Honey~Bun Letters

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Entry Table

The tall vase/jar on the left is just a dollar store taper holder with a vase glued to the top. I tied some valentines ribbon to it and added some hearts (heart picks minus the pick) that I also got at the dollar store. (I plan on changing the ribbon and ingredients for each holiday I can.)
If you want to see how to make any check out the links
The Rose Pedal Candle Holder is HERE
The Topiary is HERE
The Frame with Art is HERE
The Love sign in the back and the 2 heart candle holders I got years ago at Gordmans, and the runner I got from Kohl's this year.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heart Decor

Another easy craft! I had gotten these cookie cutters from Walmart they came in a set of 6 nestled in each other (six different sizes) for $2.88. I got three packs with the intention of making then all 3 leaf clovers (that picture to come!) but I needed something easy for a small wall by our front door so I just took the largest and the third largest and tied them together with some thin red ribbon I had on hand and voila! I would like to add something to the middle of the hearts but not sure what I could do, any ideas please share!
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adult Valentines Advent Calender

I wanted to make something for my husband and I for valentines so this is what I came up with. I made little pockets which I found a template for HEREand just cut off two of the pedals and added a heart with the date. I found these cute tickets HERE and I typed up some things to do (Like make a mix cd of your spouses favorite songs or songs that make you think of your spouse or send each other little love notes via text through out the day) and cut them to the same size as the tickets and taped them together (I am going to laminate them but I haven't gotten that far yet.) Nothing like a free project with everything I had on hand!

Rose Pedal Candle Holder

I found this idea HERE and thought it would be perfect for a valentines decoration. You can get a bag of rose pedals and glass candle holder at the Dollar Store. so it is super cheap to make, and you can make more then one with all the pedals you get.
Add a dot of hot glue to the bottom tip of the pedal and starting at the top of the candle holder attaching the pedal directly to the glass working your way all the way around. The next layer place pedals staggered from the first row and continue on till the candle is full making sure each row is staggered. The bottom row I attached to the bottom of the glass holder. Sooo Easy!!! I am going to make one with some red pedals next I will add a picture when I get it done.  

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

How Does She?

I absolutely love this site I just found She has a lot of cool ideas for 2x4's. I am definitely going to be making some of this! Check her site out HERE

Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine Advent Calender

I found this idea HERE and thought it was sooo cute I had to recreate it. I did it a little different due to my non-existent sewing abilities and my supplies I had on hand but I still love how it turned out.
Red, White and Pink felt
Scrap paper
glitter puff paint
Sewing Machine

1. I made 2 templates out of large poster board and traced them onto my felt (the larger scalloped edge one on red measured about 23in by 20in and the smaller one on white measured about 20in by 18in then cut them out.

2. Next I traced a stack of post-its on the pink felt to make my pockets (post-its were the prefect size)
3. I pinned and sewed the squares onto the white heart leaving the top of each pocket opened.
4. Once the pockets were all sewed on I then pinned the smaller white heart all the way around the edge on top of the red scalloped heart.
5. I then sewed all the way around the edge of the white heart.

6. I cut my numbers out of scrap paper with my cricut, added some rick rack to each pocket with glue, and added some stickers, buttons and puff glitter paint for some sparkle. TA DA!!! Love it.
Of course the best part about it add some goodies to the pockets.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011


I found this idea at Can't Stop Making Things check out her tutorial HERE
This was my test run rose. ( I was fighting to much with connecting them so I just ended up using my glue gun, I also used my heat gun instead of a candle) I do love how it turned out I am going to make a red one next, not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. Anyone have any ideas?? 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Valentine Soap Pumps

my Dollar Tree soap pumps.
I got some soap pumps with pink soap from the dollar tree, removed the labels with some goo gone and added some Valentine stickers I also got at the dollar tree.

(If you look close at the 2nd one it had some flowers on the back I double sided it to use for spring. You can't see it when it is sitting on our bathroom counter.)

Tealight Holder Candle Wrap

I found this idea awhile ago on HGTV but just never got around to making one, I needed some more simple valentine decorations so I threw them together, so easy.
Hole Punch
Scrap paper (optional)
stamp (optional)
Cut 2 pieces of vellum to 6 1/2 by 3 1/2, round corners if you want, stamp images on one side of each vellum piece and let dry. Cut 2 pieces of scrap paper to 1 by 6 1/2 and glue or tape on bottom of vellum. lay vellum back to back and hole punch about half way up and tie together with ribbon. Place over votive cup and Voila!
You can also buy vellum with a design on it and only have to cut it out, hole punch, and tie with ribbon. 
NOTE:I used a votive cup but only put a fake tealight in it, I'm not sure if the votive would get to hot and melt the vellum?!?!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Valentine Card Ideas

I went searching for some cute Valentine ideas for my daughter to hand out, here are some that caught my eye!

This cute butterfly is from Skip to my Lou and has a template you can print out Here

 A cute idea to attach to a box of conversation hearts I found this at Bunny cakes and you can Print this template Here

I cute idea for a music lover using a box of conversation hearts and 2 peanut butter cups. Get the how to Here at Family Fun and print off the ipod template Here (you can even customize it before you print it. Love that idea!)

Here are some really cute NON-candy Valentines
I love the barrette idea and you can get packs of them at the Dollar Tree. I found this one on Family fun to see the how to check it out Here

Who doesn't love scratch offs check out how to make these Here at Family Fun
 and get a printable template Here

Last but not least you can get a bag of cute valentine pencils at the Dollar Tree or the Dollar spot at Target to use for these not sure if you need a how to for these I found them Here at Family Fun

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Valentine Topiary

This project ended up costing about $8.00, more then I had planned on spending but I really do like it and I'm going to reuse the pot for my Easter topiary I am going to make also. I did find everything I needed at the dollar store (except the dowel which I had on hand)  
ceramic flower pot
colored filler for pot
about a 2in Styrofoam ball (I started with a larger one and it got way to big)
Styrofoam block
about 5 bushels of flowers
hot glue gun

1. Paint dowel and pot desired colors
2. Glue Styrofoam block in bottom of pot
3. Insert dowel into foam in pot and insert ball on top of dowel
4. Hot glue flowers around ball until full
5. Fill pot with filler

BE MINE Banner

I made a trip to the dollar store to see if they had any Christmas stuff left and ended up finding some valentine items instead. I found these paper doilies 30 pieces to a pack, and some foam valentine sticker shapes.

I used my cricut to cut out the letters for the banner glued them on to the doilies then added some of the foam sticker shapes, and used glue dots to attach it to some ribbon I had on hand. All together it only cost me a few cents and I have a bunch of stickers and doilies left so I might just make a few more with different sayings.

Lamp Valentine Decoration

This isn't much of a craft but though I would share this idea because it was cute. I had some leftover ribbon from my Christmas tree (I use ribbon instead of garland on my tree) so I had made some bows for my lamp shades. When I took my Christmas decorations down my lamps looked to bear so I found some pretty rose patterned ribbon at the Dollar Tree and made some just the same as I had for Christmas.

LOVE Blocks

I made a bunch of different holiday words all at one time but this is my Valentine blocks. (A 2x4 cut into 4x4 and 5x4 blocks) I painted them red and pink, mod podged some valentine scrap paper on them, cut out my letters with my cricut and added a few of my 3D stickers I had on hand.

Christmas gift ideas

These are some of the Christmas gifts I made this year or plan on making for next years gifts.
CANDY DISH- I did see these on someones blog but I am not sure who it was and now of course when I want to give credit I can't find it again, if you know please post a comment so I can give credit where it is due! Dollar store candy dish and a taper holder glued with some E6000 glue to give it some height.

SANTA'S MAGIC KEY -  I did make a couple of these this year and I got some more ornaments on clearance so I could make some for next year also. I found this idea on kmckaydesigns she has a template you can print out I didn't want to go with the vintage look since I had the sparkly red, gold and silver keys so I made my own tag from some clip art I found and printed with her saying on the back and attached it to the key with some Christmas ribbon. 
CHRISTMAS PLATTERS - I found these salad plates on clearance at Walmart for $1.50 so I snagged up a few with plans for some goody plates for next Christmas. I plan on spray painting some taper holders either the red or cream color, attaching them to the bottom center with some E6000 glue and filling the plates with some of my Christmas candy I make.

CANDY DISH - I made this for my mother-in-law who loves to spoil my daughter with candy. I attached a taper holder to a glass bowl with some E6000 glue. I found some stickers that looked like candy, added a saying and mod podged over it so it wouldn't come off with washing it.

Joy Blocks

 I painted the blocks red and green, mod podge some Christmas paper on, used my cricuit to cut the word JOY, added some embellishments and inked to give a distressed look.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Topiary

I loved the look of her topiary Here but I tried using some ornaments I had and just couldn't get it to look right so I had to think of something else to use. I decided to use some left over poinsetta flowers I had on hand. (had to get my cute santa believe nught light in the pic got it at kohls this christmas)

terracotta pot
acrylic paint - red, white, black, silver
Styrofoam ball
foam block
hot glue
1. Paint pot and dowel
2. insert dowel into foam block
3. use stuffing to fill pot and cover block
4. insert other end of dowel into styrofoam ball and adhere flowers around ball with hot glue till ball is covered.