Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Leaf Candles

I had gotten 2 bags of leaves from the dollar store not knowing exactly what I would be making. Then I saw some Pottery Barn knockoff leaf ideas Here and went to work creating my own.
Bag of leaves (Dollar Store)
hot glue
rubber band

1. Put a rubber band around the candle to hold leaves in place.
2. Tuck leaves under rubber band (I secured them with just a dab of hot glue but you have to be quick cause it will melt the wax a little)
3. When all your leaves are on wrap raffia around a couple time and tie with a bow - remove rubber band. (again I secured the raffia bow with just a dab of hot glue).
4. last I added some small berry accents for more color.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Soap Pump

I made and posted a Halloween version of this already but it was so easy I made a few more here is another one
any soap bottle
 spray paint of choice (I used a brown hammered look)
graphic of choice (sticker or die cut)
mod podge

1. Empty soap into a temporary container and rinse out
2. Spray paint bottle and if needed paint pump asm.
3. When dry attach graphic with mod podge only applied mod podge on and around the edges of the graphic. (If you use a vinyl sticker you don't need mod podge)
4. Refill with soap and you are ready to use.
You could easily personalize this for a housewarming gift.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bugs & Bats oh my

 I Googled bugs or insects printed out on white paper and cut out, tapped to inside of lamp shades so it looks like bugs crawling around in the light.

I loved this idea from Martha
I cut out bat silhouettes from black paper that's folded in half and tapped center to wall in a cluster.

Halloween Soap Pump

This is my last Halloween related blog for this year.
It was so simple and cheap - of course ;)  
any soap bottle
black spray paint 
graphic of choice (sticker or die cut)
mod podge

1. Empty soap into a temporary container and rinse out
2. Spray paint bottle and if needed paint pump asm. (here I wanted it purple so I just set it aside)
3. When dry attach graphic with mod podge if you use a vinyl sticker you don't need mod podge only applied mod podge on and around the edges of the graphic (I did the whole front and when it got wet you could see the mod podge)
4. Refill with soap and you are ready to use.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree
Glass vase (Dollar Store)
Stones (dollar Store)
 black spray paint
orange ribbon
bag o' skulls (Dollar Store)
crow(Dollar Store)

Spray paint sticks black, hot glue ribbon to skulls and hang on sticks.


Witches Cauldron

Witches cauldron
foam filler (great stuff)
aluminum foil
mice and bugs

1. place aluminum foil over top  of cauldron (so you don't have to fill entire thing)
2. (wear gloves when using filler!!) fill top and a little on the sides with foam filler REMEMBER: it expands - let dry for a few minutes
3. stick your mice and bugs where you want them in the foam and let dry over night.


Spell Books w/ Wizard Wand

Spell Books
This idea I also got from kmckaydesigns she has some really cool inexpensive projects. 
(I like her book better)
 The labels for the books are here
Wizard Wand
(I though this would look cool with the books on my table - my daughter is into that Wizards of Waverly place Disney show so the first thing I thought of when I saw these books was a wand!)
 tissue paper
 mod podge
 brown paint
 hot glue gun
gold paint

1. coat stick in sections with mod podge and apply tissue paper, let dry and apply top coat of mod podge over entire stick, let dry.
2. spray paint stick, let dry.
3. take glue gun and apply glue in a swirl pattern around "wand" handle and where ever you want a little embellishment, let dry.
3. paint over hot glue only with gold paint or marker, let dry.
if you can tell I am emphasizing the LET DRY because I usually don't have the patents to let stuff dry :)




Materials: 3 green foam blocks from (dollar store)
black spray paint
cheese cloth
crow (dollar store)
 Halloween scrap paper

1. cut blocks to different heights (I just used a sharp steak knife)
2. Spray paint black (will take a couple of coats to cover green color)
3. When dry take cheese cloth and wrap until block is covered to your liking, ends should stick to block if not just add a couple dabs of glue.
4. Cut Halloween paper to the height you want it and wrap around attaching with glue.
5. Cut EEK out with cricut or type in on computer and hand cut out attach with glue.
6. Attach crow by sticking wire on bottom of feet into block.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Luminaries

 Jar Luminaries
this is the one that my 3 year old and I made 

but check out how to make all these other cool ones Here.
(Another way I have seen this is spray painting the jar and adding eyes and mouth with blach electric tape or card stock.)

I haven't made these yet but I definitely will soon!
Now this idea I found Here. She started with some Cylinder vases from dollar tree. Used mod-podge and white tissue paper. Then she used her cricut to cut out some spooky images out of black card stock. sooooo easy!

Wood Pumpkins

My Grandpa used to make these with all different faces
so cute.

For my pumpkin blocks I cut out some 4x4 squares, painted them orange and painted some faces on all 4 sides of them. used wood glue and attached a small rectangular piece of wood that I painted green for a stem, they still need something to me I am going to add a leaf or 2 to the stem for decoration.

Halloween Advent Calender

Burlap Sack Advent Calender
 I saw this out of Pottery Barn for $99.00,
I liked the concept but NOT my kind of price!
I altered it to a smaller size and what fabric I had on hand.
(I used what I had on hand so it cost me nothing - much better!).

1 yard of Black felt 18in wide
35 - 2 1/2in by 2 1/2in squares
2 1/2 yards any color rick rack
Number stickers or use cricut to cut out of paper
sewing machine
wood dowel
black spray paint
1. start by folding over the top edge about 3 inches and sewing to make a loop for the dowel. 
2.Pin the rick rack down the edge of each side of the black felt and sewed that on.
3. I left about 5 inches on the top for my October then placed 5 orange squares in a row evenly spaces, pin the sides and bottom to the black felt. 
(I am not a sewer so I went the easiest route)
4.I used black tread and sewed from the top of the first rows side all the way down to bottom of the last row - they aren't exactly strait but as I said I don't sew :) do the same for the other side and for the bottom of the squares. (starting on one end and sewing straight across the the other side. I tried to take a picture but didn't turn out to well)
5. Now for the fun part add your numbers and your embelishments
 (I used stickers that I had in my scrapbook stuff, and also cut stuff out with my cricut I had to reinforce my stickers with glue because they wouldn't stick to my felt.)
then fill with candy, stickers or small trinkets.
 6. Spray paint your dowel black and attach extra rick rack for your hanger.

Wine Bottle Light

I had this cool wine bottle (its hard to tell but it is a really pretty green color) that I've been hanging onto for this reason but just hadn't gotten to it till we moved. Our kitchen is rust, and brown tones so I went with a wine / bistro theme
I just went through my christmas stuff and found a small strand of lights and stuffed them into the wine bottle. I don't have a glass drill bit and didn't want to go out and buy one just for this so I just left it out the top. (it's in a corner so you really don't notice, but if I make anymore I think I will have to get one) I found a wine cork and trimmed it so it would fit in the top with the cord coming out. I had the wine glass got the grapes at walmart for like a $1.00 and voila!
Another idea I have seen is attaching the grapes to the top instead of a cork.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Note cards

Lovin' my Cricut!!!
I got a pack of 25 note cards w/envelopes at Micheal's for $5.99
then I went to town with my Cricut, scrap paper and ribbon to make these.
 Perfect gift for an out of town friend or relative!
 (I put 10 in a nice gift box with a cool pen and some misc. office accessories)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Apothecary Jars

Apothecary Jars
 We have had these bottles in the basement for a while now with the intention on putting oils or something in them. Tada.. food coloring, water, fake webbing, spiders,   raffia or twine and these cool labels (mod podged on) courtesy of
and you have yourself some apothecary jars
Apothecary Jar 
Mice dust jar has fireplace ashes, and Toxic jar has green food coloring and fishing bait I took from my husbands stash, Poison jar has rice colored with food coloring.
Skull Display
This idea I got from kmckaydesigns and just altered the supplies a bit
Skull ($1.99 Target), taper candle holder (Dollar Store), grey primer and black spray paint, candle plate (Dollar Store), glass bowl (thrift store .50)
I just spray painted the taper holder and candle plate primer gray then misted with black spray paint. Attached plate to taper with some strong glue placed some moss, skull and glass bowl on top.