Monday, July 25, 2011

Paint Chip Art

I have seen ideas like this around blog land but lifecraftsandwhatever has a tutorial Here and so I was inspired by hers to make my own. (I need to put something on both sides of the picture thinking some candle sconce things.) This is made out of paint chip samples. I actually took a piece of my curtain along with me to Home Depot so I could match the colors to my living room. First I cut all the samples down to 3x3, then laid them out randomly to my liking. (I had to make mine 36x36 to have it centered and also cover an outlet from our TV that used to be mounted on the wall.)
I then cut a piece of plywood that we had in the garage to 36x36. I started using spray adhesive but found that to be to much of a pain so I switched to mod podge. First I painted a layer of mod podge in small sections (about 3-4 squares at a time) laid the squares tight to each other then brushed a light coat of mod podge on top, I used a small plastic scrapper and rubbed the mod podge around to give it a different textured look. 
I let that dry over night,
 then I used some dark stain my mom had and painted a heavy coat,wiped off and let dry. I did this about 3 times (until I got the aged look I wanted)
As for the edges (frame) I just hot glues some gross grain ribbon that I happened to find at the dollar store in a solid dark purple that matched perfect. I'm not sure if I am going to make a frame for it or not maybe down the road, as I have said before I have little patience for long projects and I am ready to get this on the wall in my living room!
All together this project only cost me a dollar! Gotta love that!
(paint chips - free / plywood, hot glue, stain, and mod podge - on hand / ribbon - dollar
This is by far the largest project I have ever attempted.)
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