Friday, July 22, 2011

Friends Frame

I  want to start by apologizing for the lack of posts lately. Our labtop took a crap and our home computer runs really slow so I had to get it cleaned up before I could even do anything on it. Plus I haven't had much time to do any crafting due to my daughters summer activities, family events and working. Put I do have a quick easy craft for you today! I am hoping to have a little more time in the coming weeks to work on some wood crafts and one huge project that I can't wait to share with you guys just as soon as I can finish it!
This is a super easy. I have a bag of scrabble tiles in my craft supplies that I was using for the tile necklaces. I just found the letters I needed for the word I wanted and a frame I had on hand and hot glued the tiles onto the glass of the frame. I also had some butterflies (which are one of my favorite things) that I glued on also for a little something extra.

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  1. Super cute! I am in love with Scrabble tiles these days.


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