Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2x4 Bunny, Sheep & Chick

I  found this cute idea Here and had to make some for myself. So easy, a good project for the kids to help.
I didn't have felt or fabric so I used foam for the bunnies ears and nose, the sheep's ears and face, and the chicks beak and feet.

Sheep: 2x4x5 paint white cut rounded triangle shape for the face, a small nose and ears out of foam, add google eyes and cover with cotton balls.

Chick:2x4x5 paint yellow cover with yellow feathers, cut beak and feet out of foam glue on and add google eyes.

Bunny: 2x4x7 Paint white cut rounded triangle out of foam for nose and inside of ears add some whiskers (broom bristles), google eyes and draw on mouth and eyebrows. (I had my dad cut the ears out of wood but you might be able to use foam if you support it)
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  1. I was too chicken to go to Home Depot to have wood cut at Home Depot, so I had my dad go with me. They didn't charge us for any cuts, and I still ave plenty of wood for more projects! There was even scrap wood the gentleman just let me take! Sweet! :) Thanks for the inspiration!


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