Thursday, May 5, 2011

#9 Rock Princess Tutu

Rock Princess Tutu
I found some sparkly tulle at Hobby Lobby in purple, pink and black perfect for a tutu!
I got 2 10yrd rolls of each color (I didn't use all of it but did need most of it about 40yrds), and some ribbon that matched.
There are tons of how to videos on u tube but here is my written version.
How to:
1. Measure the child's waist, add about 24in and cut your ribbon.
2. Tie a knot about 10inches in from each end
(from knot to knot should be your child's waist measurement, the extra is for your bow).
3. measure out your tulle to 24in pieces and cut
4. Tie tulle around your ribbon in a knot being sure to try and keep it even, in whatever pattern you want. keep tying until the area between the knots is full. You can trim to even out the tulle or you can leave it.

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