Friday, October 29, 2010

Spell Books w/ Wizard Wand

Spell Books
This idea I also got from kmckaydesigns she has some really cool inexpensive projects. 
(I like her book better)
 The labels for the books are here
Wizard Wand
(I though this would look cool with the books on my table - my daughter is into that Wizards of Waverly place Disney show so the first thing I thought of when I saw these books was a wand!)
 tissue paper
 mod podge
 brown paint
 hot glue gun
gold paint

1. coat stick in sections with mod podge and apply tissue paper, let dry and apply top coat of mod podge over entire stick, let dry.
2. spray paint stick, let dry.
3. take glue gun and apply glue in a swirl pattern around "wand" handle and where ever you want a little embellishment, let dry.
3. paint over hot glue only with gold paint or marker, let dry.
if you can tell I am emphasizing the LET DRY because I usually don't have the patents to let stuff dry :)



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