Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Advent Calender

Burlap Sack Advent Calender
 I saw this out of Pottery Barn for $99.00,
I liked the concept but NOT my kind of price!
I altered it to a smaller size and what fabric I had on hand.
(I used what I had on hand so it cost me nothing - much better!).

1 yard of Black felt 18in wide
35 - 2 1/2in by 2 1/2in squares
2 1/2 yards any color rick rack
Number stickers or use cricut to cut out of paper
sewing machine
wood dowel
black spray paint
1. start by folding over the top edge about 3 inches and sewing to make a loop for the dowel. 
2.Pin the rick rack down the edge of each side of the black felt and sewed that on.
3. I left about 5 inches on the top for my October then placed 5 orange squares in a row evenly spaces, pin the sides and bottom to the black felt. 
(I am not a sewer so I went the easiest route)
4.I used black tread and sewed from the top of the first rows side all the way down to bottom of the last row - they aren't exactly strait but as I said I don't sew :) do the same for the other side and for the bottom of the squares. (starting on one end and sewing straight across the the other side. I tried to take a picture but didn't turn out to well)
5. Now for the fun part add your numbers and your embelishments
 (I used stickers that I had in my scrapbook stuff, and also cut stuff out with my cricut I had to reinforce my stickers with glue because they wouldn't stick to my felt.)
then fill with candy, stickers or small trinkets.
 6. Spray paint your dowel black and attach extra rick rack for your hanger.

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