Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wine Bottle Light

I had this cool wine bottle (its hard to tell but it is a really pretty green color) that I've been hanging onto for this reason but just hadn't gotten to it till we moved. Our kitchen is rust, and brown tones so I went with a wine / bistro theme
I just went through my christmas stuff and found a small strand of lights and stuffed them into the wine bottle. I don't have a glass drill bit and didn't want to go out and buy one just for this so I just left it out the top. (it's in a corner so you really don't notice, but if I make anymore I think I will have to get one) I found a wine cork and trimmed it so it would fit in the top with the cord coming out. I had the wine glass got the grapes at walmart for like a $1.00 and voila!
Another idea I have seen is attaching the grapes to the top instead of a cork.

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