Saturday, June 18, 2011

Candy Jar

Here is the candy jar my daughter and I made for grandpa for fathers day.
(Sorry about the picture, it was easier to see and looked a little better without the candy). I wanted to use stuff from the garage so all I could find to use at the time was some orange snow fencing (if you saw my husbands garage you would be afraid to look too!) I cut one row off of the fencing and cut the length so that 1 square from each end over lapped perfectly and used some black electrical tape to hold it together. I then found some thicker green floral wire that I had got awhile back from the dollar store and wrapped it 4 times around the neck of the dish. I made a small swirl, wrapped the ends together and added grandpa's favorite peanut M&M's. We wrapped it in some cellophane and tied a little printed note:
perfect for grandpa's desk.

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