Saturday, June 18, 2011


I found a dowel in my grandpas wood stash and decided to make some firecracker's
I cut 3 different lengths and painted them. For the white one I taped off 3 stripes and painted 2 blue and one red, and the other 2 I just punched out some stars on white paper and used my sticker maker to adhere them. The sparkly pics I found at either the Dollar Tree or the dollar spot in Target (sorry can't remember), I just drilled a small hole in the top center and stuck them in, and then topped it of with a cute bow (I got the ribbon on clearance at walmart, I also put a dab of hot glue between the dowels to hold them together.)

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  1. cute! i got those picks too! uhh.. i can't remember either.. but it was definitely one those 2 places! lol :) ...they look great like that!! :)


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