Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easter Topiary

I actually made this the same time I made my Valentine one but have been waiting to post it till it was closer to Easter. Close enough! I got these flowers at the Dollar Tree and they came with the eggs attached, I haven't seen them since but they do have the Easter egg picks which would work just the same. 
All topiarys I have made are assembled the same so I'm going to make this real vague.

Styrofoam Ball
foam block (DT)
Pot (DT)
5 Bushels of flowers (DT)
Easter grass
glue gun
Egg picks (DT if the flowers don't have them)

Hot glue flowers into syrofoam ball, insert egg picks into any open spots. Insert dowel into bottom of syrofoam ball. Insert foam block into pot and insert other end of dowel into foam in pot, cover block with Easter grass. I added two egg picks because my pot was so large it needed something more. (I didn't paint the stick in this picture but now it is white.)
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  1. Too cute! I LOVE all the colors!

  2. Very pretty and springy!
    Great Job!
    How did we ever survive without the Dollar store?

  3. Just letting you know that I featured this post along with a few other Easter items you did, on my blog today


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