Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Egg Bowl

 I found this bowl at Goodwill for .99, it was and ugly brown, so I sprayed it silver (as you can see that is a color spray paint I have on hand a lot, cause I love it) then I added some pink ribbon that I had on hand. The butterfly stickers where from the Dollar Tree (a mix bag of spring foam shapes)
The eggs inside where originally the brown cardboard kind from Jo Ann's .69 each I mod podged some tissue paper on them. Then the Pink one I added some of my foam flowers (same pack as the above butterflies), and the yellow I just tied a bow around. I am debating if I want to recover the poke a dot one cause it doesn't really match the rest, What do you guys think? I have some more foam stickers with tulip or butterfly shapes I could put on the other one if I did a solid color.

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