Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wine a Little

I have a wine theme in my kitchen and wanted a small sign for the side of our cupboard.
I had some left over scrap wood that I cut down and painted A deep red then I used my cricut to cut out a saying "Wine a little you'll feel better". I used my sticker maker to adhere them to the wood, and added some wine glass and a bottle sticker, drilled 2 holes for some wire and your ready to hang.

(I didn't coat it with mod podge but you could, I am going to see how it holds up since its just hanging on the wall.)

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  1. I seriously LOVE THIS!!! :) We used to live in Italy so I have a olive & wine theme in my kitchen as well. Not to mention the fact that we just love wine too! I'm asking for a cricut for my birthday & if/when I get it, this may be one of the first projects I make! I SERIOUSLY LOVE IT! :)


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